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Teambuilding at the Chopping Block

Is your team being asked to do more with less? Are the headlines moving your team away from motivation and closer to the 'hold on tight-it's going to be a bumpy ride' mindset? If your team is gripping the handles, their hands and minds are not free to create, inspire and to take the company to the next level.

Now more than ever our teams need to be cohesive, positive and efficient to meet the demands of doing it all with less people and on a slimmer budget. Unhappy and unmotivated employees reduce profit and raise expenses. It's that simple.

At The Chopping Block, we firmly believe that bringing people together to create using the inspiring and interactive nature of food and cooking, is your recipe for success and the best way to get your team to "let go" of the handles and move positively into the future.

Our kitchens act as the great equalizer, allowing people from all cultures, ages, interests and abilities to gather together sharing the universal experience of cooking, learning and of course, eating! The Chopping Block is unique in that we are the only Culinary Teambuilding Program which has its own team of highly skilled and experienced chefs who we train to be engaging and inspiring teachers and leaders.


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