The Chopping Block

Building Blocks Classes

By attending these classes, you will learn how to cook.

Building Blocks ClassesEach menu for the Building Blocks Series comprises a full meal, easy to recreate at home for your family or friends.  Class handouts include outlines detailing the order of preparation, as well as lists of steps to be completed in advance.  Building Blocks classes also focus on the skills needed to complete the menu.  Handouts include a detailed explanation of important timesaving techniques. 

These classes are created for both novices who need a crash course to learn all of the basics, as well as avid home cooks seeking to hone and enhance their kitchen knowledge.

In each class you will:

  • Learn how to prepare a complete, delicious, balanced menu.
  • Taste ingredients and identify flavors.
  • Discover how to time a meal, and identify steps you can do ahead of time.
  • Get help determining the best tools and equipment to use.
  • Understand the concepts behind the recipes to bring you to the next level of cooking and ultimately allow you to create your own menus and recipes.




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