The Chopping Block

Learn and Burn Lunch Series Calendar

Monday January 14th:
Lunch: Pan-roasted salmon with brown rice and vegetable stir fry
Snack: Greek yogurt parfait with pineapple, vanilla and granola

Wednesday January 16th:
Workout: Cardio interval pump
Lunch: Curried chickpea ragout with Swiss chard
Snack: Kefir and fresh berry smoothie

Monday January 21st:
Workout: Hula hoop
Lunch: Greek-style chicken with whole wheat pita and cucumber salad
Snack: Fig and flax seed bar

Wednesday January 23rd:
Workout: Abs
Lunch: Poblano, tomatillo and sweet potato chili with a small side salad
Snack: Grape, almond and mint salad

Monday January 28th:
Workout: Yoga
Lunch: Whole wheat pasta with broccoli, roasted peppers and cannellini beans
Snack: Fresh guacamole with jicama chips

Wednesday January 30th:
Workout: Boot Camp
Lunch: Baby Spinach salad with quinoa, black beans and multi grain croutons
Snack: Edamame hummus with carrots and cucumbers


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